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Thanks to everyone who has made this site available and possible. and as always.Great Verbs for Your Research Paper. Article. How to Pick a Topic for Your Research Project. List. 5 Essential Reference.Finding Reliable Health Information Online. a series of presentations on how to evaluate health Web sites and suggested sources of.

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However, if a web site is slow to load, or difficult to navigate,.Contributors: Stacy Weida, Karl Stolley Last Edited: 2013-03-11 12:10:43.

Source Evaluation and Credibility Journals and Magazines Search.Source Credibility: How To Select The Best Sources Finding sources for research is important,.

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Infoplease: Infoplease offers an entire suite of reference materials, including an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, and almanacs.AskOxford: This reference tool from Oxford University Press offers facts and tips on the English language and more.Now star the sources on your list that you will most likely be able to use, given.

Once you have an overview of your topic, first think about what kinds of information.If you are the owner of this website, please contact Technical Support as soon as possible.

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The home page of an authority in the field will provide a good base of sources to use as a.

When deciding which sources to use, you should take the purpose or point of view of the author into consideration.Intute: Created by a network of UK universities and partners, this database is full of evaluations from subject specialists.AUTOMATICALLY CITE YOUR SOURCES FOR FREE AT WWW.EASYBIB.COM. Website Evaluation Guide Example of a Website that is credible Author:.Is the author presenting a neutral, objective view of a topic.

Research sources requested via Twitter for how seroternergic function relates to and infl.In other words, your sources must be reliable, accurate, and trustworthy.

Never use Web sites where an author cannot be determined, unless the site is associated with a reputable institution such as a respected university, a credible media outlet, government program or department, or well-known non-governmental organizations.New annotation goes hereNew annotation goes hereNew annotation goes here.The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.

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First hand research is research you have conducted yourself such as interviews, experiments, surveys, or personal experience and anecdotes.

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CredoReference: CredoReference aggregates content from some of the best publishers in reference, offering more than 3 million reference entries.How do I get students to realize that Wikipedia should not be used as a credible source (especially as they enter college), even though some of the information is...

Reliable Online Resources. whose vision is to review and list credible sources of information. be able to harness for research,.

Library Spot: Check out this site for libraries online, a reading room, reference desk, and more.Once you have a list of possible sources, go here to see how to find them.The Linguist List: The Linguist List is home to a peer-reviewed database of language and language-family information.