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In a group, there are always people who come out with better qualities as a leader than others.Lord of the Flies Essay. but the biggest cause of the boys turning into savages is Jack Merridew.

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Lord of the Flies Essay Jack Merridew is a symbol for savagery. The novel, Lord of the Flies is a novel involving a great deal of symbolism.

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Literary Analysis Essay Lord of the Flies written by William Golding is a novel about a. civilized as Jack uses.Generally, when we are left to our own devices, the situation the boys find themselves in on the island, we will naturally regress to cruelty and violence like Jack.

The rivalry that develops between Jack and Ralph, begins early in the novel, although it is subtle, and readers may believe it is typical behaviour of boys.Ralph and Jack have two very different types of leadership that are at different ends of the spectrum.

He decided that in the meetings only the boy who holds the conch shell could speak.

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When Jack and Ralph first met, they were forced by the situation to like each other.They are both strong characters and they seem to have the ability to take control over the situation.

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Ironically it was looking for safe online write good vs jack simon is the flies topics.Ralph, Jack and Piggy, the three main characters in the Lord of the flies encounter with each of their different personalities.This accessible literary criticism is perfect for anyone faced with Lord of the Flies essays,.

Lord of the Flies: Piggy, Ralph, and Simon During English class, the eighth graders read Lord of the Flies.The concealing of their identity leads them to think that by adopting a different identity they can do as they please.Free college essay on Lord of the Flies. papers on Lord of the Flies topics at Essay. represented by Jack and Ralph.

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It is this group that gradually descend into murderous savages.This situation indicates that Ralph cares about the others and their feelings.

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It is with this that Golding implies that savagery and violence is more primal and natural to human beings and that the instinct of civilisation that Ralph shows is something that occurs mainly when enforced upon a person.

This shows his sympathy for rules, similar to the civilized world.Therefore the character Ralph is another significant example, because he represents the human instinct.No Clear Hero in Lord of the Flies Essay - No Clear Hero in Lord of the Flies The idea of a hero is a.